Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sundays at Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Bernard's Church 330 West 14th Street Between 7th and 8th Ave.

I don't know if these guys are outside of the church on Saturdays but I went by this past Sunday around noon and I saw 4 different vendors selling tacos, pozole, and champurrado. Champurrado is a warm, thick, chocolate based Mexican drink made with hominy flour (harina), chocolate, cinnamon, sugar, and a little bit of salt; it is very popular during the fall and winter. I didn't ask if they sold tamales but I am sure they do since the weather is starting to get chilly. This place is standing room only, so you might want to take your food back to the SoHo House after ordering.

What to get:
Hands down stick with the tacos de asada and the champurrado. My thing is"keep it simple," I felt like I was at St. Emydius Church in Lynwood, CA. While you're there you should sample everything and give a special shout out to La Virgencita. It's spots like this that make New York what it is.

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bradbabo said...

The lady with the little cart rocks. I had a chicken and a chorizo taco here. Tortillas are perfect. Self serve on the toppings - fresh cilantro salad/salsa, limes, two nice sauces and a really friendly crowd at this place.

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