Tuesday, February 17, 2009

El Tapatio 209 East 116th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave.) 212.876.3055

Again I found myself uptown, (I promise I’ll make a trip to Queens soon) and just so happen to walk into this place. The TV and radio blasting doesn’t create a peaceful ambiance but if you get your kicks out of loud whole-in-the-wall places then El Tapatio is for you. They have a lot of things on the menu and again I force fed myself large quantities of food all for the sake of this blog.

I started off with a steak taco, nice and juicy, I knew I was off to a good start despite the noise. Then they brought over the carnitas taco, now I always prefer asada tacos over carnitas but this one held its own. The barbacoa tacos came out next, and well I wish I had some more room for some more.

I ordered a chicken tamale, clearly I wanted to go into a food coma but I ended up taking it to go.

Overall, El Tapatio’s menu boasts a variety of Mexican comfort food that merits a second trip, but someone needs to tell management to turn down either the music or the TV. If ambiance isn’t a factor then this place is for you, if you’re looking for that cute romantic gem, try somewhere else.
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isotopeofme said...

Man, we had to make due with a Chipotle knockoff called Tortilla tonight. Luckily, they're pretty all right.

Anonymous said...

heyo. it's angela (we used to work together) and I was wondering what you're up to these days. I am also drunk @ the moment so I am full of nonsense. hope you are well.

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