Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jalisco Tacos 214 St. Ann’s Ave. Bronx, NY 10454 (718) 585.4148 (between 138th and 137th)

Someone call Willie Colon and KRS One and tell them I was in da Bronx twice in one week! Jalisco Tacos is REALLY a whole-in-the-wall joint, with five small tables, and banda blaring, I felt right at home. I wasted no time and ordered four tacos which I forgot were going to be big tacos, so three would have been enough.

Aside from tacos they serve tostadas, quesadillas, menudo, pozole, and enchiladas; you know, good old home style cooking. I went with carne asada (bistec) and lengua (beef tongue) tacos.

I pride myself on making some good beef tongue tacos, well these guys met my standard, at one point I thought, “is my comadre back there cooking?” As for the steak tacos, they were good but I think I was in beef tongue taco bliss to even notice the steak tacos (sorry).

From Manhattan take the 6 train into the Bronx to Brooks Ave, walk a block to St. Ann’s Ave and make a right.

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