Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tacolandia 2119 3rd Ave. (between 116th and 117th)

One block up the street from Las Delicias Mexicanas is taquería Tacolandia (Tacoland), a whole-in-the-wall spot with a jukebox in the back that plays music from Alejandro Fernandez and Los Tigres Del Norte. Now if you’re going to name your taquería Tacoland you better be prepared to back it up!!!! The women behind the counter were nice and we chatted for a bit, they’re from Puebla and well obviously I am representin’ Jalisco and I think there was a bit of a culture clash.

I started off with a carnitas taco because they were out of steak tacos, the carnitas was nice and greasy, and overall I like the taste and texture so it was a good start. I saw tacos de lengua on their menu and I couldn’t resist. They serve the taco in a red sauce that didn’t do much for the taco in fact it was distracting.

I am on the fence with this place and will probably go back to have a steak taco before I make a final decision but it’s still better than that Benny’s place in the West Village.


isotopeofme said...

Loe and I hate you today... mostly because she tried a burrito today. There was mozzeralla in it. It made her cry. She says she holds you personally responsible.

Anonymous said...

The Burritos are the most amazing I've ever tasted. If u like the salty poor qualiy cheese known as quesillo which is flavorless and melt challenged, then this place may not b 4 u. But I found the melted mozzarella a nice touch. Mine had guacamole, sour cream, and a bunch of other stuff u get 2 pick from their fixings bar.

NS said...

Thanks for posting a comment, i'll have to try the burritos next time I am in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

They don't use quesillo

NS said...

I'm okay with them not using the Oaxacan cheese quesillo as long as they use Queso Fresco or Cotija.

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