Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chavella's Cafe Mexicano 732 Classon Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238 Between Park Place and Prospect Place 718-622-3100

This came in as a recommendation from a reader. This Brooklyn spot is near the Brooklyn Museum of Art and apparently the chef worked at some fancy Manhattan restaurant before setting up shop. Those in the know know this type of information does not matter because some of the best meals I've had have been on the side of a road with live chickens running around a few feet away from me or in my mother's comadre's tiny apartment, both of which have never step foot inside a fancy Manhattan restaurant.

What to get:
The green pozole!! I wanted to call my mother and her comadre and complain to them that they robbed me of a childhood experience! This isn't on their menu so call ahead and find out if they are serving it that day because it's delicious. The other is the Quesadilla de Huitlacoche (wheat-LA-ko-cheh). Huitlacoche is the fungal, culinary delicacy Ustilago maydis that grows on ears of corn. According to, "American farmers call it smut and devil's corn and consider it a disease to be irradiated. The peoples of Mexico as well as the American Hopi Indians consider the fungus a delightful delicacy." In NYC they call it Mexican corn truffle... whatever, order it, trust me you won't be disappointed.

What not to get:

Unfortunately I didn't think the tacos were all that, in fact a bit dry. Tacos are very simple yet very difficult to nail. If you make it out to Chavella's you should try some of their other dishes.

Cash only, click for menu

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rey said... pozole. i'll have to try that next time i'm out there!

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