Tuesday, September 15, 2009

La Barra Cevicheria 250 Broome St. New York, NY 10002 between Ludlow & Orchard (Lower Eastside) 212.260.1607

Although this place is known for ceviche, just my luck I walk in on the night they had as a special a steak taco, and it was a damn good taco de bistec. The chef a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, made this creamy sauce that added an alta cocina touch to the taco.

If you go and the steak taco is not a special then I suggest trying a shrimp or fish taco.

Please note I am not a star f*cker for culinary school chefs, I grew up eating my aunt Maria-Elena’s home cooking which has been handed down to her since the days when worshipping Huitzilopochtli was en vogue. But, the chef at La Barra Cevicheria makes it all look very easy and simple (insert applause).

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