Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Utah Edition: Red Iguana, 736 West North Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84116

I usually don’t do this but the Red Iguana was highly recommended by two New Yorkers and all I heard was “you have to go there if you’re in Salt Lake City.” I walked into a packed restaurant with strapping thickset red-blooded American men seated at each table. I thought to myself okay I have stumble on to something.

I won’t get into the overall menu because I didn’t have time to taste everything on it. I kept it simple and ordered a few dishes and I made sure I ordered tacos. Based on the waiter’s recommendation I sampled a Taco Don Ramon (named after the owner Ramon Cardenas), the corn tortilla was crispy as if it had been briefly dipped in flour and thrown on a pan then filled with grilled steak, pork chorizo, shredded lettuce and queso. This was too much for me, my thing is to keep it simple or make it seem simple. I honestly have to say I didn’t like it, the crisp tortilla and the chorizo was too much.

Next came the carne asada taco, not as complicated as the Taco Don Ramon, but the bad experience with the Don Ramon taco made it difficult for me to enjoy the carne asada taco.

I know this place has received rave reviews, but I have to say my taco experience here was mediocre at best (I'm not hatin' yo).

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