Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taco Mix 359 E. 138th Street Bronx, NY. Between Willis Ave. and Alexander Ave.

I was in the Boogie Down Bronx earlier in the week pop locking my way down 138th Street when I stumbled into this taqueria. It’s a cash only place with counter seating, it really is a hole-in-the-wall. I only had enough for two tacos (ATM card was busted… hard times these days) and I kept it simple.

Steak (carne asada aka bistec) was good, not out-of-this-world but good, I was surprised with the Boogie Down. Their Al Pastor (marinated pork) taco merits a mentioning as well.

Now for the record I am basing this review on two tacos I ate there, would I go back again to sample others… sure. So if you happen to find yourself in da Boogie Down, stop by, tell me what you think, oh and there’s a picture of the Virgin Lupita across the street so you can tell her what you think as well.

Directions: Take the 6 train and get off at 138th St. (1st stop in the Bronx) and walk towards the church. It’s a block and half from the train station, look at the map below.

This basically says do not give the taco makers any booze.

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Anonymous said...

Whole-in-the-wall? Sigh. Maybe oyu shoudl work on English before branching out to Spanish.

NS said...

@Anonymous thanks for the advice on grammar. Maybe you and I should both use spell check :)

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