Tuesday, November 17, 2009

La Superior 295 Berry St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 388-5988 (Between S.2nd and S. 3rd Streets)

Ah Williamsburg, I love you and I hate you, but at the suggestion of some of you readers to try this place, I finally did. I walked in just in time for lunch, getting there before the predominately hipster crowd arrived, and grabbed a seat at the counter.

What can I tell you that NY Mag and Yelp haven’t already done so… It’s a good date place, the ambiance is good, and they spin records. It’s a good taco spot in a hip setting. They serve tiny tacos for $2.50, and I easily wolfed down FIVE! What can I say I was hungies. The carne asado tacos… good, the carnitas… good, and the lengua tacos were also good (although I am impartial to my homemade ones). Their salsa is excellent and they are not cheap about giving you extra. I wonder if they need an intern, you know like as a tester before the food goes out?

This place is cash only and there’s an ATM machine conveniently located right outside. Take the L train to Bedford Ave. or J,M,Z to Marcy Ave.

I would like to know what ya'll think?

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