Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Man gets robbed of his tacos con machete!

Thanks to LA's Daily Taco for turning me on to this story. On Sunday in Chicago a man gets robbed of tacos twice!!!! First, he paid $41 dollars for 16 tacos!!!!!!! I thought tacos in Chicago would be cheaper! Secondly, after he paid according to Elgin Deputy Chief Jeff Swoboda "He was walking back (to his vehicle) with his tacos. A guy came out with a machete and took his tacos." Fortunately the victim was not hurt.

This sucks and just plain wrong! What has the world come to? Blame it on the recession.

Full story on NBC Chicago.


criminal lawyer san diego said...

The situation become so desperate that people are already robbing each other of tacos. Using a machete for this crime very terrifying.

NS said...

Yes very terrifying. Please be careful out there.

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