Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinche Taqueria 333 LaFayette Street, NYC, NY 212-343-9977 (Between Houston & Bleecker)

I wanted to hate this place, I really did. Why? Because it’s in a fashionable part of town and I heard some gringo owns it that’s why. No rational explanation, just good old fashion hatin.’ To me good taquerias exist in the barrio, off a cart powered by a propane gas tank, and not on the corner of LaFayette and Bleeker Street.  But, I was proven wrong.  Damn I hate being wrong.

This place definitely has an authentic taste. I ordered four tacos and had them in this order:

Pollo Asado
Al Pastor
Carne Asada

Love the single tortilla serving, if you’re not serving tiny tacos then there is no need for the second tortilla. This place automatically serves your tacos with guacamole, and of course cebolla y cilantro (If you read this blog regularly you should know what this is, if not google it).

Their chicken taco tastes like it’s suppose to… charbroiled meat (a good thing). The carnitas  (braised pork) has flavor!!!   The Al Pastor, this for some reason seems to be a tricky taco for taqueros to master, Pinche Taqueria does an excellent job at executing.  Finally the carne asada taco, the classic.  If I would have just ordered carne asada, this would have been enough.

If you find yourself in this part of town, definitely stop by.  Tacos start at $2.95. They have a 2nd taqueria on Mott Street as well. 

* If you're from the West Coast and reading this blog post and are shocked by the taco prices, I blame NYC real estate for the expensive pricing. 

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Unfornately this Pinche Taqueria has closed :(

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